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Job Position



• Thoroughly checking the respective aircraft Log Book to ensure that the aircraft is fit and safe to fly with sufficient time remaining to complete the intended flight before the next scheduled maintenance.


• The authority to make decisions on initiation, continuation, delay, diversion or rerouting of a flight when operationally necessary.


• Responsibility for the flight watch, maintaining two way communications at all times and for relaying messages concerning landings and departures from point of origin, en-route stops and final destination to the ATC or the Flight Follower. In areas where normal radio communications are unreliable, the Commander shall ensure that alternative means of communications, such as HF radio or satellite telephone, are utilised.


• Ensuring that an Operational Flight Plan is completed and submitted in time as required by the regulations for any intended flight.


• Before any flight, the commander is to ensure all the passenger, cargo and handling of any dangerous goods is loaded in accordance with the regulatory requirement. He is also required to ensure that other operational support services and equipment are available and serviceable.


• If capable, take charge and control the situation in the event of crash landing and to act as a leader until the rescue party arrives or everyone arrives at a safe location.


• Ensuring that the route selected for a flight is the route designated by the operator or regulatory authority.


• Ensuring sufficient fuel is carried on board for any flight complying with the regulations requirement.


• Notifying the nearest appropriate authority by the quickest available means of any incident or accident involving the helicopter, resulting in serious injury or death of any person or substantial damage to the helicopter or property


• Ensuring that any inadequacy of facilities observed in the course of operations is reported to the authority responsible for them, without undue delay.


• Before executing any flight, the commander shall acquire latest meteorological conditions in the area of operation, specifically the departure, en-route and destination weather.


• Ensuring that the passenger, baggage and cargo are properly weighed and screened before being loaded into the aircraft and recorded in the load sheet accordingly as to ensure that the maximum take-off mass of the aircraft is within the allowable limit.


• Aircraft commander is encouraged to report matters regarding aircraft safety through the normal chain of command. However, he has direct excess to the Base Flight Safety Officer and Flight Safety Manager at all times for urgent matters regarding aircraft flight safety.




• Air Transport Pilot License (Helicopter ) Malaysia or contracting states.

• Minimum of 3000 P1 helicopter hours

• Minimum of 1500 P1 offshore helicopter hours

• Minimum of 100 hours on AW 139 or AW 189 (preferable)

• Positive attribute



• To assist the aircraft Commander for the operation of the aircraft as directed by the Commander, including the planning and preparation before flight.


• To bring to the attention of the Commander any and all safety concerns and assists him to resolve it.


• Take command of the aircraft and land it safely in the event the Commander is incapacitated. The Co-Pilot shall challenge and take over control of the aircraft in the event of any decision or behaviour performs by the commander which is deviated from normal procedures and regulations that will jeopardise the safety of the aircraft. He is to report such events to his immediate superior.


• Must be familiar with the duties of a cabin attendant and act as such on occasions when a cabin attendant is not carried.


• Co-Pilot is encouraged to report matters regarding aircraft safety through the normal chain of command. However, he has direct excess to the Base Flight Safety Officer and Flight Safety Manager at all times for urgent matters regarding aircraft flight safety.


• To know the laws, regulations & procedures pertinent to the performance of their duties, prescribe for the areas to be traversed (foreign countries), the heliport to be used and the air navigations facilities thereof.




• Commercial Pilot License ( Helicopter ) Malaysia or contracting states.

• Total hours : 1500 hours

• Minimum of 500 hours

• Positive attribute

• Must be Malaysian



• Carry out (un)scheduled inspection, repair, replacement, modification and overhaul in accordance with regulation of country of operations; approved maintenance schedule and aircraft maintenance documents, manuals and instructions.


• Perform other maintenance-related duties to ensure timely completion of maintenance activities


• Support growth of business as a valued team member by promoting good working environment and execute instructions from engineering management with high professionalism.


• To support continual safety and quality improvement of the company


• Applicants must hold a valid aircraft maintenance engineer license from these following countries: EASA United Kingdom, Australia original license, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore or Malaysia DCA


• License must be type rated with AW139/189 and holds a valid company approval on type AW139/189 for non-Malaysian


• At least 2 years of experience on type AW139/AW189 and have experience in offshore support operations


The Flight Operations Manager (FOM) is responsible to the Chief executive Officer for the safe, smooth and efficient running of the Company’s flight operations and all matters related to operations in general. The Flight Operations Manager shall be qualified in accordance with the Regulations.



• Control of operations and standards of helicopter operated.

• Liaison with external agencies that may affect operations.

• The contents of the Company Operations Manual, including :

  • Supervision, production and amendment.

• Liaison with authorities on all matters about flight operations, including variations to the AOC.

• Ensuring that crew scheduling complies with flight and duty time regulations, and that crew members are kept informed of changes to regulations and standards.

• The maintenance of a current operations library.

• Ensuring timely dissemination of internal and external safety information.

• Any task as assigned by the COO from time to time.



(Minimum requirement to competently perform the job, NOT the specifications of the person currently holding the position)


Academic Qualifications & Professional Certificates

  • Essential: Valid JAA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)


Experience / Exposure

  • Essential: Minimum 10 years related aviation experience
  • Preffered: Typically 5 years command experience in aviation industry



Knowledge & skills required:



• Computer literate with Microsoft Office skills.



• Strong knowledge and understand all applicable regulatory requirements.

• Highly commercial and customer focused with intellectual rigor.


Personal Attributes:

• Developed leadership skills, including conflict resolution.



Strives to follow regulatory requirements and contracts, business or ethical values so that individuals, situations or issues are handled with integrity.


Continuous Learning:

•A strong personal commitment to self-development resulting to establishing and enhancing a high level of expertise and knowledge related to functional area that adds value to the quality or quantity of your work.

•Good communication and organization skills.



The ability to improve by critically examining how it’s done and introduce better alternatives.


Closing date: 15 July 2016

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