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Vision & Mission

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Vision Statement

To be the industry’s choice for mission critical & oil and gas aviation support, continuously challenging ourselves to explore new frontiers

Mission Statement

Safely deliver our clients transportation needs providing customer tailored solutions


It’s either done in a safe way or NO WAY
We strive to be on the forefront of safety developments by ensuring safety is in our culture


Committed to continuously improve ourselves through:
• Enhanced training programs and using the highest industry procedures
• Sophisticated software and hardware support structure
• Choices for and continues contributions to technologic solutions


Provide equal opportunities for employees to grow and to develop themselves.
Providing an environment where employees are respected, promotes open door policy and where employees can voice their opinions without fear.


Enhancing the local workforce in the communities where we operate.


Consistent expression internally and externally of the Weststar Aviation brand by assuring we;
• Speak with one voice
• Present as one logo
• Consistent in delivering customer experience above expectation levels.

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