Why Weststar

Weststar Aviation Services is one of the world’s leading helicopter transportation companies with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Our vision is to be the industry’s choice for mission critical & oil and gas aviation support, continuously challenging ourselves to explore new frontiers. Our team of talented professionals is our backbone to achieving this goal.

Five reasons to work at Weststar Aviation Services

1. Diversity

We recognize that diversity of gender, nationality, culture, age and professional background exist within the organization and we promote inclusiveness in whatever we do.

2. Professional Development

Weststar Aviation Services values, supports and facilitates the training of our employees as part of their personal and professional development. Weststar Aviation Services is known as being among the choice of workplaces by job seekers because of our highly competitive compensation, benefits packages, and career development opportunities.

3. Teamwork

Weststar Aviation Services believes in teamwork and promotes a culture of continuous development for all of our employees. We encourage our people to develop and share knowledge with one another.

4. Competitive Remuneration Packages

Our pay philosophy enables us to attract the right talents for our growing needs. We reward our employees based on their performance and contribution to the company.

5. Work-life Balance

Our employees enjoy work-life flexibility as it directly reflects our culture and promotes a positive work environment. Our wellness programs plays a big role in our overall valur proposition to our employees.