Board Of Directors

Tan Sri Dr. Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim

Managing Director

Sharifah Nor Ain


Syed Muhammad Ammar


Datuk Syed Izuan Jamalullail




Senior Leaders

General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail Jamaluddin (Rtd)

Chief Executive Officer
(Accountable Manager)

Datuk Ts. Wan Hasmar Azim Wan Hassan

Chief Operating Officer

Datuk Anuar Noordin

Business Development Director

Dato' Abdul Aziz Ali

Commercial Director

Russell Allen

Chief Technical Officer

Nik Mohd Nasir Nik Salleh

Acting Human Resources & Administration Director

Capt. Edwin Soeters

Regional Director and International Business Manager

Massimo Bichisecchi

General Manager
Weststar NDD

Vice Admiral Datuk Jamil Osman (Rtd)

Regional Operations General Manager
Weststar Europe B.V.

Capt. Suardi M. Panai

Managing Director
PT. Weststar Aviation Indonesia

Fructuoso Mituy Ayang Avomo

General Manager
Weststar Aviation Services E.G. LTD.

Capt. Zaidi Saad

Project Coordinator-Special Projects/Contractor’s Representative
Saudi Arabia Operations

Karim Elkaddouri

Base Manager
Weststar Aviation Services E.G. LTD.

Andre Ten Barge

Project Manager
Weststar Europe B.V.

Capt. Tedjeddine Hamadouche

Accountable Operations Manager/
Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO Ops)


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